I'm Onur Serçinoğlu from İzmir, Turkey.

I'm a Research/Teaching Assistant and PhD Student at Marmara University's Department of Bioengineering in İstanbul, Turkey.

As a Research Assistant/PhD student, I investigate the structural dynamics of human Major Histocompatibility Complex proteins using computational biophysics methods such as classical Molecular Dynamics simulations and Elastic Network Models (in particular the Gaussian Network Model).

As a Teaching Assistant, I have assisted/currenty assist in several undergraduate laboratory courses and problem-solving classes in diverse topics in sub-disciplines including Basic Wet Laboratory, Biochemistry, Bioprocess Engineering, Numerical Methods and Transport Phenomena.

Feel free to check my CV or contact me via email.


I have attended the 11th EBSA Congress (EBSA 2017) in Edinburgh, Scotland between 14 and 20 July 2017 with two poster presentations

See our new publication in Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics

I have attended the 13th Greta Pifat Mrzljak International Biophysics School between 1 and 10 September 2016 with a poster presentation

See our new publication in Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design

Married to Ms. Zeynep Yılmaz on 28.05.2016

I have attended EBSA '15 which took place in Dresden, Germany between 18 and 22th of July, 2015 with a poster presentation!